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I am now booking in person healing sessions as well as distance/remote healing appointments via video conference or through intention.  Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times.

Much love and light to All. Namaste

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Welcome To Nirvana Wellness Co

Focused on Wellness

At Nirvana Wellness Co, I aim to provide the highest quality health and wellness services in order to help all of my clients reach an overall state of wellbeing in body, mind and Spirit. I invite you to open your heart to the exciting prospects and possibilities of unlimited, optimal health and wellness!

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The Nirvana Wellness Co Journey

Welcome Beautiful Beings! I am Stephanie Robertson, Registered Nurse, Energy Healer, Intuitive and Health and Wellness Guide. I founded Nirvana Wellness Co in 2015 in Uxbridge, Ontario Canada. My mission and passion is to provide holistic services that support and foster the health and wellness of clients. I offer a variety of treatments and tools to empower you to live in a state of happiness, health and harmony. I love working with clients from all walks of life who share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and Spirit. Whether you are experiencing an illness, acute or chronic pain or simply wish to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Nirvana Wellness Co provides the resources to facilitate healing in a safe and friendly environment. Learn more by getting in touch today.

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Wellness Services

Reiki Treatment

Therapeutic Touch Sessions

Health Begins Here

Therapeutic Touch is a form of energy healing that induces relaxation, decreases pain, boosts the immune system and improves overall wellbeing. The practitioner uses their hands to assess, clear and balance the energy field in and around the body, which facilitates the receiver to initiate their natural healing response. This service can be provided in person or as distance healing.

Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times during in person healing sessions.

Hatha Class

C.A.L.M Healing Sessions

All You Need to Prosper is Within You

C.A.L.M stands for Chakra Aura Love Massage. It is an energy healing therapy I developed to empower you to live your best life daily. C.A.L.M Healing opens and aligns the chakras and expands the aura while protecting the body and energy field. It also boosts the immune system and increases intuition and connection to source. This service can be provided in person or as distance healing and includes additional tools and techniques which you can implement as part of your daily self care regime.

Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times during in person healing sessions.

Hand Massage

Gentle Healing Massage

Sublime Self Care

Enjoy the healing benefits of a gentle hand massage with a Nirvana Wellness Co CBD oil blend, created by me with love and infused with healing energy. Great for general relaxation or treatment of inflammation caused by chronic illness or other underlying factors. 

Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times during in person healing sessions.

Rock Maze

Spiritual Guidance and Wellness Counselling

Highest Holistic Health

It is my pleasure to provide confidential spiritual counselling and wellness consultations. These fifty five minute in person or remote sessions include a holistic assessment of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being. I utilize my nursing skills, intuitive abilities and a variety of metaphysical practices to assist you on your healing journey.

Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times during in person healing sessions.

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Deep Body Restoration and Rejuvenation

Cupping is a therapy based on ancient Chinese medicine. It promotes blood flow throughout the body and organs. It can be used to treat pain, improve circulation and aid in weight loss. It awakens the body on a cellular level and promotes healthy cell proliferation. It is a relaxing and rejuvenating total body experience.

Covid-19 infection control protocols are implemented at all times during in person healing sessions.

Interested in learning more about my services? Get in touch today! Fees are negotiable based on your unique needs and circumstances.

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Karen Stuart

I would highly recommend Stephanie's services as an energy healer. I had a very therapeutic C.A.L.M. Healing Session and found Stephanie to be very insightful, with incredible intuition and healing energy. Also, she offered great feedback and resources to support my healing journey. I was grateful for the time and genuine care she took during my session.

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"To live a happy, healthy, harmonious and healed life, all aspects of the mind, body and Spirit must be connected, integrated and open to the Universal field of energy on multi-dimensional levels."
Stephanie Robertson RN TTP

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HEMP Vibes

Heal Earth Manifest Peace

Check out my other passion, healing this planet and humanity through charity and sharing knowledge to raise our vibration and uplift Gaia.

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Creating a healthy planet and people by promoting sustainable, conscious living and compassion for all.

Donations gratefully accepted at Paypal.Me/hempvibes and go to various causes that support humanity and the planet.

HEMP Vibes stands for heal Earth manifest peace. My life's work and mission is to plant seeds of wisdom, encourage connection and raise the positive vibration of the collective and the planet so we can all live in peace, health and harmony.

Please check out my YouTube channel for informative, Earth friendly, health and wellness content.


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